PROPERTY / 1,2000 + sq ft temporary building

LOCATION / Kew Bridge, West London

DEVELOPMENT BRAND / Tones of deep green & white


BRIEF / To create a marketing suite that encapsulates the development brand and delivers a clear and welcoming customer journey

Designer Notes.

With tones of forest green, hazel and chalky white within the upholstery and joinery, our design for the marketing suite at Eco World’s ‘Verdo’ development completely captures the brand. The natural contemporary, yet luxurious interior is defined by the introduction of bronze metal work and carefully considered statement lighting.

Every element of the interior is bespoke made. Key pieces include the reception desk, storage cabinet and coffee bar which are finished in wenge and marble with a custom designed diagonal routing detail to the front panels and doors.

The interior also includes an ebony metal and glass panelled dividing wall creating the customer discussion and choices room. As you enter the suite you are instantly greeted by the distinctive illuminated faux living wall with integrated Verdo logo.