One Tower Bridge.


PROPERTY / Two-bedroom penthouse

LOCATION / Tower Bridge, South East London


MARKET VALUE / £3.8 million

BRIEF / To create a classic modern interior inspired by luxury properties in the French Riviera

Designer’s Notes.

Our brief was to create the French Riviera on the South Bank. The interior was classically inspired yet modern, bold yet feminine and generally rich, opulent and stunning throughout. With an abundance of custom-made elements including upholstery, artwork and furniture, every minute detail has been carefully considered. Objet d’art and accessories have been globally sourced taking weeks to curate.

The lounge and dining room is a perfect balance of luxury finishes with the velvet upholstery, silk rug, pearl wallpaper and furniture made from vellum (goat’s hide) and shagreen (stingray skin). The palette was subtle with hints of ochre and teal. A modern element was brought with the brass and smoked mirror dining and console tables.

Our vision for the headboard in the master bedroom is both daring and challenging but imperative to creating the luxury feel that the penthouse is worthy of. We worked alongside specialist metal workers and upholsterers to create a truly unique piece that was completely tailored to the wall to which it was fitted, taking in to account the integrated home automation panels within the wall. The headboard is finished in a rich champagne velvet with over 40 metres of solid hand brushed brass.