Greenwich Millennium Village.


PROPERTY / Three-bedroom townhouse

LOCATION / Greenwich, East London

TARGET PURCHASER / Professional city family

MARKET VALUE / £1.5 million

BRIEF / To create a light, fresh & calm modern interior with luxurious finishes and a consideration for Feng Shui

Designer’s Notes.

With the contemporary design of the house and target purchaser at the forefront of our thoughts, this interior needed to be modern and luxurious with a consideration and respect to Feng Shui.

The overall palette was soft with brushed velvets and cool tones with pops of pale and deep teal. The brass metal frames and inlays that we used sharpened the design and created a striking contrast to the cool palette. The mix of fabrics in different textures and patterns, although subtle in their own right, came together to give a feeling of calm, comfort and nature. We had several pieces of artwork custom painted to bring the whole scheme together.

The two children’s rooms were great fun to create with the teenager’s rowing room and the forest inspired younger child’s room with the cabin bed, woodlands wallpaper and the adorable deer accessories.