Chiswick High Road.  


PROPERTY / Four-bedroom, four-storey townhouse

LOCATION / Chiswick, West London

TARGET PURCHASER / Established family from Chiswick

MARKET VALUE / £3.2 million

BRIEF / Emphasise the grandeur and specification of the luxurious property through a mix of opulent materials and finishes

Designer’s Notes.

With an abundance of rooms and floors it was essential that every room in the house had its own identity. We wanted the lounge to be very elegant and formal with the furniture arrangement and ebony wall-to-wall bookcase, all set off with the rich tones of blue, bronze and brass.

The master suite is spectacular with a stunning en-suite, covering an entire floor, so to accentuate the space on offer we included a super king bed with a sumptuous oversized upholstered headboard with brass inlay detail. Soft luxurious neutral textures were given touches of emerald green in the cushions and stylish chaise longue to add impact.

The children’s rooms were great fun to design, especially the little boys’ room where we focused on the animal trend by using a flock penguin wallpaper, funky ceramic monkey lamp and cute dear stool.