Keeping ahead of interior design trends is an essential part of Dapa’s creative process, ensuring we are bring our clients the latest exciting colour palettes, materials and products well in advance of them hitting the high street. The latest interior trend that the design team at Dapa are exploring is ‘Utilitarian Land and Sea’. This trend is centred around colours drawn from the ocean like shellfish, industrial workwear and coastal greenery. Emerging colours include Pantone’s ‘Langoustino’, ‘Seagrass’ and ‘Ocean Cavern’.

This trend is driven by the attraction of a simpler life, uncomplicated by excessive possessions where we are in sync with nature rather than fighting it. Materials include canvas, wools knits and the appreciation of a faded palette, sun-baked and faded by the sea spray. Collectiveness embodied in fishing communities and costal living is prevalent. Scotland, the North Atlantic, and the Netherlands all play a part in this trend.

The finishes focus on a rugged and simple lifestyle shaped by unforgiving seas and self-sufficiency. The draw for a simple life away from urban landscape and a sense of community drive this aesthetic. Seafaring is prominent and we were even drawn to a sea-shanty by Nathan Evans ‘Wellerman’ topping the charts.

Karl Openshaw, Lead Creative, Dapa Interiors who is responsible for researching and communication the latest trends throughout Dapa, comments “ Utilitarian Land and Sea is a great palette that’s very relatable. We are seeing emerging new fabric collections and accessories that feature this striking colour collection”.

Images courtesy of David Clode, Deb Dowd and Michael Fenton.

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