Today marks a historic day in the Covid-19 pandemic storyline as many house developers across the company reopen their developments to visitors, albeit in a very different way than before. Many developers have setup clever ways to safely take visitors in to their marketing suites and show homes including car park waiting areas, protective screens and socially distanced furniture layouts.

Dapa has also witnessed extraordinary efforts by its clients on site. Whilst attending an installation in North London today Karl Openshaw, Lead Creative commented “I have to say I was so impressed with what our clients have implemented for safety on site. In addition to multiple knee operated wash basins and hand sanitiser stations there has been a strong focus on reduced trades, operating staggered working shifts that are coloured coded for lunches and breaks. We were required to use a traffic light system on lifts and stairs with the added protection of Covid wardens checking all work areas. Seeing how focused and dedicated our clients are to the safety of everyone on site was really moving”.

One of Dapa’s clients has stated that they received over 400 online bookings to visit their developments nationwide in less than 48 hours following Wednesday’s announcement.

It’s still early days, however the current signs for the industry are looking promising.

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