Marketing Suites.

We understand the importance of a marketing suite that is both welcoming and professional. Our approach is that the design is required to deliver on two levels. The first is to introduce buyers to the development, giving them an understanding of the lifestyle on offer in an environment where they feel comfortable. The second is ultimately to provide practical solutions to enable the selling process to be as smooth as possible.

From initial concept through to installation we can be involved in the entire process through regular meetings with the sales, marketing, technical and build teams. This is to ensure that every inch of the marketing suite design is aspirational, professional and functional.

Our marketing suites are where residential and commercial design dovetails to great effect.

We have worked closely with Dapa for several years delivering marketing suites across London. Dapa have been an integral part of the team, not only creating the interior but working in partnership with our branding, sales, marketing, build and technical teams. Dapa understand the key elements of each individual development brand and bring this to life in the marketing suite through a carefully considered approach. The huge success of our marketing suites is a testament to the understanding Dapa have of our brand, our developments and our customers.

Jessica Chapple, Sales Manager / Redrow London

Customer Selection Reinvented.

Choosing the internal specification is a key stage within the buying process. As interior designers, it is our responsibility to make this as smooth and enjoyable experience for both the sales advisor and the customer.

This is why we custom design cabinets to showcase sample selections at their optimum.