A supplier is someone who provides a product or service. A partner is someone who goes beyond expectations and has a genuine desire to enhance your business.

At Dapa we believe in the latter.

We appreciate the importance and mutual benefits of creating a long-standing relationship built through trust, loyalty and a shared vision with our partners.

We are more than interior designers.

We understand the importance of reputation and brand; architecture, the build process and the pressures of selling new homes.

We have worked with Dapa since their inception in 2009 having known the founders for over 15 years. Their passion and desire to produce outstanding designs remains as focused today as it did back then. Trust, loyalty and an understanding has been built between us over time which is testament to their ability and willingness to evolve and adapt to our needs. Dapa are more than just our designers, they are our partners

Andrew Weaver, Chief Executive / Strata Homes


The Internal Finishing

At Dapa we employ an in-house team of experienced designers who work alongside our clients creating their full internal specification. This includes the internal layout, electrical points, woodwork and metalwork styles and finishes, flooring, tiling and kitchen and bathroom finishes. The collaboration between designer and developer results in award-winning homes.

Our Grade II listed Watermill Development is one of the most exciting and challenging projects that we have undertaken so we appointed Dapa to create the full internal specification to ensure it was as stunning and unique as the building itself. We worked hand in hand with Dapa over a number of months carefully selecting our flooring, glazing, wall finishes, metalwork detail, kitchens and bathrooms. It is imperative to the Oakford team that our specification reflects the quality that our discerning purchases demand and working with Dapa has ensured that we have delivered at every level.

Chris Coates, Managing Director / Oakford Homes

The Power of Fragrance.

The design and aesthetics are paramount, but we also want potential buyers to enjoy a broader sensory experience. Smell is crucial for this, so Dapa stylist Charlotte sums it up when she says:

“Fragrance is so important in our interiors. I love the uplifting feeling I get when the fragrance I have chosen enhances the experience of the interior. My favourite fragrance is ‘OXYGEN’ which comes from a luxury fragrance house in Milan, it is made up of a mix of pine spines and lemon peel.”

Charlotte, Interior Stylist / Dapa Interiors