Bespoke Design.

Bespoke is a word that is often used in interior design but what does it actually mean? At Dapa it is about building a relationship with our clients where we can fully understand their objectives and help develop their brand. From that point, and only from that point, can you offer an interior design service that is truly bespoke.

To enable us to deliver on this we have built a trusted network of partners to create tailor-made joinery, upholstery, artwork and soft furnishings. We use a combination of modern technology, such as CAD and CNC machines, alongside traditional craftsmen and women who have perfected their skills over a number of years.

“We are always excited to work with Dapa; their inspiring and original designs, combined with an acute attention to detail and impressive levels of professionalism ensure that every product we produce together is exceptional.”    

Peter Jefferson / Bespoke Joiner

Custom Painted Artwork.

Unique. Individual.

Working with a variety professional artists enables the design team to create art that is completely unique to the client and the property. Whether it be oil on canvas, watercolour on parchment or a contemporary 3D plaster finish, all of our pieces are finished to the exact size and colour palette that harmonises with the rest of the interior.

Artwork is arguably the most personal and emotional element of an interior so having the ability to produce great art that is “completely bespoke” allows us to create interiors that are both individual and memorable.